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  1. I received long distance Reiki from Pauline and I could instantly feel it once she started to work on me. I have had quite a few sessions with her in person and each session has always been different. She brought forth issues within me that I was not aware of with my conscious mind and cleared them. Later I had realized that I had issues that my conscious mind/body did not want to deal with so it was very nice to have them cleared in a gentle, positive and healing way. I am always so grateful for the energy she brings, thank you Pauline!

  2. I’ve received Skype readings from Pauline on two occasions and both were very accurate and reassuring. I found them to be informative and the experience was very enjoyable. I’m sure I will use her services again.

  3. Pauline is very good at reiki! My session was deeply relaxing and felt wonderful. She gave me some real insights into my state of body and mind, just by reading my energy field. Her approach was highly professional and genuinely compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone in search of relaxation, self-awareness, enjoyment or healing.

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