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E-Interview with local Healers series 2014

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to share with you some e-interviews I have done with healers around our area.  You can look forward to these interviews every 2 weeks.  There is a wide variety of modalities, so it is really exciting to hear about all the options that are out there for you!

This weeks’ e-interview is with Pauline Edwards, please keep reading below for that e-interview:

Question:  What is your name?

Answer:  My given name is Pauline Elizabeth Ann Cynthia Edwards (PEACE)

Question:  What type of Healing do you practice (eg: Reiki), or do you even practice a certain type?

Answer:  I practice Usui Reiki.

Question:  How did you get into this type of Healing?

Answer:  In 2008, I started having chronic back pain. I hadn’t had any accident or injury, but I was under a lot of stress and had been suppressing the grief of losing my father to leukaemia the year before. Over the course of a year, and trying everything from massage to chiropractic to physiotherapy, my pain was getting worse instead of better. My boyfriend at the time suggested I try Reiki for self-healing. He was a Reiki master and attuned me to level one. It helped me so much that I decided to learn how to treat others using Reiki energy, and I’ve been practicing ever since.

Question:   How long did it take you to learn, or were you always talented at this?

Answer:   I took level one in January of 2009 and level 2 in August 2009. Treating others felt like such a natural thing for me. For the first time in my life I really had a true sense that I was doing what I was meant to be doing. I decided to register with the Canadian Reiki Association, which meant completing a certain number of client case studies, which was an extremely validating and rewarding process. I started a Reiki practice from my home in 2010 and continued to acquaint myself with the beautiful energy of Reiki. I waited until the spring of 2013 to take my advanced level training, and it’s just coming up a year since I completed ART.

Question:  How long have you been a Healing practitioner?

Answer:   I grew up in a household where the concept of self-healing was a given. My father was into Ayurveda, and my family would meditate together every day. I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation since I was nine! So, I have been in-tune with my body’s energy, thoughts, emotions, and my spirit literally for as long as I can remember. I started using my hands to clear and balance my aura intuitively way before I ever read about auras or chakras in any book. So, I think I’ve always intuitively practiced self-healing, and learning Reiki has provided me with a great framework for healing beyond self-healing.

Question:  Can anyone learn how to do this type of Healing?

Answer:  Anyone can learn Reiki! I really encourage anyone to try it and see for themselves the truly amazing benefits!

Question:  With this type of Healing are you able to do Distance or Remote Healing?

Answer:  Absolutely!

Question:  How does the Distance or Remote Healing work?

Answer:  For a distance Reiki session, typically, a time will be agreed upon for the session and the client will lie down or sit down and just relax. The practitioner will focus in on the client’s energy psychically, and then send Reiki energy to the client. It’s that simple!

Question:   If you do practice Distance or Remote Healing, is it just as effective as in person Healing?

Answer:  I received a distance Reiki session long before learning to do Reiki myself. It absolutely was just as effective as the in person sessions I have received. I always debrief with my clients after giving a distance session, and the feedback consistently tells me that distance is just as effective as in person. One thing that you don’t seem to hear about as much is that you can actually request Reiki over distance in time as well, not just distance in space.

Question:  What is your process when you do a Healing Session?

Answer:   There’s actually a lot that goes into a full healing session. First, I make sure I am grounded. I always meditate and clear my own energy before working on someone else. I will smudge myself and the room with sage, light a candle and maybe some incense and put on some special music to get the good vibes going in the space. Sometimes I will lay a crystal grid on my Reiki table depending on the needs of the client. I will then set my intention to be a clear channel for the Reiki energy, and for the energy to come for the client’s greatest and highest good. I do a few prayers for keeping the energetic space safe and protected, and then I begin the flow of Reiki and place the symbols for physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual healing in the energetic field of the space. All this happens before the client arrives. Once my client arrives, we chat about the goals of the session and changes since last visit. I will go through the 22 hand positions, and usually also include a chakra balancing, and give any extra attention to any specific areas needing more healing.

Question:  Do you have a specific intent, or do you think of anything specifically when you are doing a Healing Session?

Answer:  My number one intention for all my sessions is to be a clean and clear channel for the Reiki energy to flow for the client’s greatest and highest good. I will often repeat this to myself multiple times in my head throughout the session, as it helps to keep ego at bay. An important thing to understand about Reiki is that the practitioner is not guiding the energy, they are merely acting as a channel for the energy to flow through, and the energy itself is guided by the divine intelligence of nature. Before each session, I always ask my clients if they have a specific intention for the treatment, and I will hold this intention throughout the session and pray for it at the end.

Sometimes I will ask my spirit guides to assist me in giving a session. Partway through most sessions I will also invite any helpful spirit guides or guardian angles of the client to come and be present if they wish to assist – and most of the time they show up right away as if they were just waiting to be asked. At the end of a session I will always make a prayer for the client to gently receive the healing they seek. Other than that I’m not really “thinking” about much, and sometimes I will go into a light trance state.

Question:  Do you have any specific feelings that you have when doing a Healing Session?

Answer:   Usually just love, though it’s not unusual to feel whatever emotions or sensations the client is feeling at the time. For example, if a client feels a tickling sensation in their throat, I will also feel it.

Question:  Does a client need to believe that the Healing will work for it to be effective?

Answer:  No, but they do need to be willing to receive the energy, even if only on a spiritual level. An unwillingness to receive the energy will effectively block it. I am a firm believer that you need a person’s permission before you can or should send them Reiki.

Question:  Is there anything else or any other details that you think are important for my reader to know about you are the Healing practice?

Answer:  Well, I managed to say all that without saying much about crystals. I have been in love with crystals since childhood, and I use them in my healing practice. I think crystals and Reiki are a match made in heaven!

Question:  If my readers want to contact you or find out more about your services, how could they do that?

Answer:  Anyone wanting to know more about me or my services can check out my website at or my Facebook page. I would love to hear from anyone interested in energy work, crystals, Reiki, meditation, dreaming, exploring consciousness, or just wanting share stories about spiritual life in general. Let’s connect!

Thank you so much Pauline, for taking the time to answer my questions.

Readers, I hope you have enjoyed this e-interview and have learned a little bit more about Energy Healing.   Keep an eye open for more e-interviews to come.


Wishing you the best,

Adriana Ellis
Certified Practitioner

Attuned Wholistic Services

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