Just for today…I Will Not Worry

For someone who has tended to be a worrier in the past, living by this principle can be a challenge. It’s the first thing I say to myself when I get up in the morning, and anytime during the day when worrying starts to creep in. Living by this principle is all about trusting that the universe is conspiring to bring you the exact experience that you need at that time. It’s about surrendering to what IS and not fixating on what the ego thinks should be. The more I trust in this idea, the deeper the lessons I learn as I move through life.

To approach life in this way opens the door for more creativity. If something is happening (or not happening), instead of worrying about the horrible consequences and fearing for lack, I can remind myself that, just for today, I will not worry. Then, I am can look at the situation with a curiosity about what lesson I am about to learn, and what kind of adventure life has in store for me. It is unknown, so it is quite possible something totally amazing.

I am still practicing at living by this principle. It’s a daily practice. I can honestly say though that the more I remember to not worry, the better I feel.

I find this principle corresponds in many ways to the virtues of hope and faith that have been recognized by spiritual leaders through the ages.

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