Waist deep in water, I look for something to make a net with. I have cord and I go to work tying knots and the sun beats down on my bare back. I swiftly make a huge net that I cast out over the surface of the water. I am waiting for fish. Nothing is coming so I change my strategy. I plunge the net deep vertically into the water and start to gently move the net from side to side. Suddenly, I see a large fish has entered the net. It is a swordfish, full grown and fighting to find it’s way out. I know I cannot overpower its strength, so I patiently usher it into shallower and shallower water where it will suffocate.

In the adjacent room, my entire family, all generations, are waiting for me to provide the meal for our important ceremonial gathering. I am the hunter; tonight we will feast.

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