Under Siege

I was staying at a temporary apartment in a foreign country somewhere in Asia. My family was also there with me. The rooms were very basic – just a bed and a dresser, and the whole place was built somewhat like a prison with no windows, heavy doors, long hallways, narrow stairwells, and was about 4 or 5 stories high.

I left my room to go wonder around the compound when I noticed something wasn’t right. Some people were missing. Everyone in the hallways seemed to be hurrying about trying to get out or hide in their room. I turned around to go back to my room, but there were intruders in there. They weren’t human. I didn’t know where the rest of my family was. I opened a door to outside and saw that the whole place was under siege and the invaders were taking the residents hostage. I knew I had to get out. A girl similar in age to me pulled me into her room. It was one of the few rooms that hadn’t been taken over yet. There were a few other people in there putting on disguises and handing out disguises to people like me who didn’t know what was going on. I put on a tight hat, like a swimming cap, to cover my hair. They said I would be fine and could walk out unnoticed because I had brown skin. They said to go outside and find the rest of us. I went outside and immediate saw my friend Mike (a friend in real life who I met in Taiwan) and he waved me over. We walked quickly over to a large canvas tent behind the compound and there he said we would be safe.

Inside the tent there was an Indian woman who was in charge and the whole atmosphere was that of an army camp. Just as I was beginning to feel a small sense of relief, a man barged in: one of the intruders. The woman turned to him and started giving him a report as he took off a wig and his coat. They were working together. What was happening? Where was the rest of my family?

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