Pauline is a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher originally from Victoria, BC. She found Reiki in 2008 while searching for relief from debilitating chronic back pain. Having experienced the profound benefits of Reiki for herself, she decided to pursue further training in order to share this gentle yet powerful healing modality with others. A certified member of the Canadian Reiki Association since 2009, Pauline completed her Master-Teacher training with Marilyn Dyke in Maple Ridge, BC in 2015 and now practices and teaches Reiki in Vancouver, BC.

Pauline endeavors to create a safe and sacred space for her clients where the body’s innate healing systems can go to work at creating balance and harmony in the body, removing blocks to the body’s natural energy flow.

With Transcendental Meditation as a foundational practice since age nine, Pauline also enjoys living a healthful lifestyle that includes hot yoga, nature walks and creative expression through music and writing. Pauline is currently studying toward a diploma in Transpersonal Counseling with Clearmind International, and will be graduating in June 2018.

Contact Pauline at:

Tel. 778-350-4411
E-mail: hellosolinga@gmail.com