Making time for Art

I was re-inspired to pick up my violin and get some disciplined practice back into my routine last week after having a dream that meant a lot to me and tied very closely in to my real life.

I dreamed I was walking in a field and came across a house with an open door. I walked in and saw my friend Nathan – it was his house. The entrance room was a large open space without furniture and I said to my friend “wow, this  would be a great place to host a workshop!” He agreed. Then, he offered to show me some drawings he’d been working on. The drawings were all on large poster paper and done in with lots of detail and were obviously very well done and you could tell many hours went into each one. They were coloured with pencil crayon. There were dozens of them, and he flipped through the pages explaining each picture, or design. The only image I remember was something like a bear (maybe even yogi bear!) sitting upright on top of a cylindrical thing, like a rocket or maybe a log or something.

So in my dream I asked Nathan where did he find the time to make such amazing pictures, and he said he gets up two hours early every day to work on it, so he can fit it in. I was so inspired. I thought wow, imagine what I could do with two hours every day: I could learn a new instrument or a new language or finish all the projects I have on the back burner. I left and immediately went to my car, opened the back seat door and took out my violin. I started playing in pizzicato, but my fingers wouldn’t move as fast as I wanted them to. I thought about how out of practice I was, and how much I needed to practice to brush up.

Then out of nowhere, a group of four teenagers come walking by. They stopped in a circle about a block down the road and, curious, I went over and walked by them to see what they were about. They were comparing their hands. Three of the four had really used hand: dirty with callouses and swollen knuckles. The fourth had very soft clean hands, like they weren’t used much. In the dream to me it symbolized how our daily habits imprint our bodies. I looked at my hands. I thought about all the hours I’ve spent playing violin and guitar. I thought to myself, I may not have thick callouses right now, but yes, I do have musician’s hands. Being a musician is imprinted in my body.

I must never think it is too late to come back to music. Music is always with me, inside of me, imprinted on my body and forever in my soul.

And yes, I woke up and got back to practicing. In fact I wrote a list of everything I would want to do in a day if I had all the time in the world and surprisingly, there is in fact, enough time.

As a side note, when I told Nathan about my dream IRL, he said he does in fact get up early to work on a creative project each morning. It’s writing, not drawing, so close but no cigar…unless that is what yogi bear was sitting on…hmm…

<3 P



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