Cougar at the playground

I¬†dreamed I saw a cougar in my neighborhood. At first, it was just standing at the side of the street, then it crossed the street. I saw there was a playground with a bunch of kids playing, and the cougar was definitely making it’s way over there. There was one really small little Korean girl who the cougar had it’s eyes on. I told my brother to quickly grab her and bring her inside. They ran and we quickly went into my mom’s house and into the basement, closing the basement door behind us, and then hiding in the bedroom down there.

Somehow the cougar had managed to make it inside, and it was looking around for us. We had to get out of there. I started packing some things into my bag, like the keys to the cottage where we would be running to, my laptop, my camera, and some clothes. Everyone else was trying to rush me, but I was trying think about what we’d need when we arrived there, instead of just panicking. Finally, they were so scared, they fled the house without me, so right away when I found the keys, I decided that I had everything I really needed, and ran out after them. They were about halfway down the block already.

As I was¬†running, I heard some people behind me chuckling and calling me to come back. It was two men, one of them was wearing a big cougar costume, rolled down to his waist. They told us the cougar was really just this guy in a costume, and he was pulling a prank on this daughter’s birthday party. I got so angry and offended. I was even swearing and saying someone needs to get even with him, or punish him. I was really furious.



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