Bad Dream

Had a dream where the main feature was this really weird life form that was just a big mouth. It was kind of a cross between a venus fly trap a T-Rex’s mouth, and a multi-layer birthday cake. It had a blackhole type pull towards it’s open mouth and it was completely sinister. It was sitting on a table in a back room of a museum or an old abandoned building or the like. A poor unsuspecting child got drawn in, and when he got too close, the mouth swallowed him up, banishing the boy to a purgatory world in another dimension.

Witnessing this, my friend Char and I thought it was immensely unfair that an innocent child should fall prey to this evil energy, so we decide to appeal the event at the highest court: a court outside the realm of dimensions, that has some higher authority regarding inter-dimensional occurrences. It was also personal, since the boy was our friend Andrea’s son. She came with us. Char, Andrea, and another powerful psychic goddess (I think it was my older cousin Carla) started off to begin the journey. I hesitated, not knowing if I could join them, since saw them as very powerful women with powers greater than mine. I was unsure in my fitness for the job. But they all looked back at me and yes, yes Polly come on, you are the most powerful of all of us. We need you! I then I ran with them.

It was a long dream and involved a journey to a far away land that was a lot like Australia on the dream map; a full court hearing; and the journey back home, on which I got lost by taking a wrong turn and ended up in a neighbourhood of aliens. Long story short, the judge ruled that indeed, it was unjust that the child should be condemned to an eternity of suffering simply for the accident of getting too close to this evil thing. So, we won our case. I remember a distinct moment during the hearing where Andrea was just about to fall apart emotionally, so I held her hand and rubbed her knee and sent her tonnes and tonnes of energy and that helped her to keep it together, which helped our case.

The lesson in this story for me was that I am more powerful than I give myself credit for, and I should not let my insecurities get in the way of my helping people where I am needed. I did, however, wake up feeling pretty drained AND I do think the house where I am staying has a negative and draining energy to it and needs to be cleared. I’ll do that asap.




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