Angel Love in Tainan

May 24, 14

Tarot Card of the Day
Deck: Archangel Oracle Cards
Card: Beloved One
Description: Archangel Chamuel says “I am helping you with your spiritual soulmate relationship.”

I just arrived in Tainan, Taiwan! It feels so great to be back! I love it here!! I’m staying with a French oceanographer in a really cool part of town with lots of temples and coffee shops. The plan for today was to go on this sightseeing tour of Tainan, Continue reading “Angel Love in Tainan”

5d Seal Manifestation

Yesterday, in real life, I went to the beach to soak up some sun. The energy of the day was especially high, and I felt a trickle of that sweet 5D energy. Sensing that the light pouring into the day was especially important to receive, I even went the whole day without wearing my sunglasses, simply because every time I put them on, moments later I would feel the need to take them off. Wearing them felt like I was cutting out something very important.

Ok, back to the beach…I had been lying on the sand for about an hour, feeling very relaxed. I sat up to admire the ocean, and noticed something at the edge of the water in front of me. Continue reading “5d Seal Manifestation”