Just for today…I will do my work honestly

This is one article of a series about living life according to the 5 Principles of Reiki.

I see work in this context as referring to our actions here on Earth, in this lifetime. I believe everyone who is alive right now chose to incarnate at this time, to help raise human consciousness to a more expanded, aware, and communal state (Unity Consciousness). Taking action based on what we hold to be true according to our feelings, instincts, and our best judgement of what is true, is working honestly. Continue reading

Poetry Update!


My two poetry books, “Conversations With The Sun and The Moon” (2004) and “Exchanges With Self and Others” (2009), are both available now in electronic format for download from my Smashwords author page!

As a special gift for everyone following my blog and/or subscribed to my newsletter, I have a limited-time FREE Coupon for you to download “Exchanges With Self and Others” for FREE! Just go to the book’s page here…click “buy” and apply the coupon code as you checkout!

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I’d love to hear your feedback on the poems, so feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think!

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Just for today…I will not be angry

For me, this might be the easiest principle to live by. I’ve always quite disliked being angry. That’s not to say I don’t get angry, but when I do, I am quick to let go of the anger. Actually, many Reiki masters translate this principle as “just for today, I will let go of anger,” which I think better illuminates the fact that it’s a process, not a distinct event. Continue reading

Pre-Order Available Now! Mineral Kingdom Speaks

I’m very happy to announce the pre-order for my first poetry e-book is now available!

Order from the iTunes or iBook library here

Those in the USA can also order through Barnes and Noble here

The official release date is July 24th, when it will be available for sale at on my Smashwords Profile here.

See the full press release here.

Book Description:
A gem of a book! Edwards captures the essence of 15 different mineral specimens in this collection of short poems. For rock hounds and crystal lovers alike! Those with an appreciation for the metaphysical will uncover a treasure trove of information and observations on everything from auras to the zodiac. Edwards weaves the elements of sound, shape, and colour together in this charismatic collection as she brings us voices channeled from the mineral kingdom. You’ll never listen to a stone the same way again!



Life as a Reiki Master

What’s it like being a Reiki master? Well, this is the first post in a series of posts I will write on the topic of life as a Reiki master. Today, I’m going to outline some of the guidelines I use to help me keep my energy up, so that I can be available as a clean and clear channel for others. Not all Reiki masters will follow or agree with these rules, they are just personal to me, and over time, I’ve found that sticking to these rules works for me. If you’re a Reiki practitioner, or are thinking of getting attuned to Reiki, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

It wasn’t long after I first started getting into Reiki that I knew I would eventually take the master level training. Even with my level 2, I was already seeing the profound shifts that were taking place Continue reading